• Talent Strategy
  • Talent Concept
  • Dongyi respects and values talents.

    Welcome talented and knowledgeable individuals to join Dongyi at any time.

    Recruiting talents is not limited to any particular style

    Everyone strives to maximize their talents and compete for positions

    Emphasize virtue, talent, and greater contribution

  • We Hope To
    • 01. Identify with Dongyi's corporate culture and aspire to talents who can grow together with Dongyi
      02. Talents with good professional ethics and personal charm
      03. Talents with creativity and a spirit of cooperation who can undertake the important task of exploring the 21st century
      04. Talents with extremely high professional level in marketing, technology development, management and other related fields
  • Welfare Treatment
  • 1. Free food and accommodation are provided.

    2. Purchase social security and housing provident fund.

    3. Professional trainers provide professional skills, management, and mindset training.

    4. Regularly hold birthday parties for employees who celebrate their birthdays.

    5. Every employee has a certain development space and display platform.