• Enterprise Spirit
    • Integrity
    • Integrity towards society and customers

      Integrity towards the enterprise and employees

    • Scientific and technological innovation

      Product innovation and management innovation

    • Self improvement and self-reliance

      Independent research and development, proprietary intellectual property rights

    • Grateful to society and customers

      Grateful to the company and employees

      Dedicated to work
    • Be a person with a grateful heart

      Do things with a responsible spirit

      Having professional ethics and a spirit of teamwork

  • Philosophy
    • Vision /
    • Becoming a leader in the field of new materials in China
      Mission /
    • Building an excellent enterprise in China that integrates research and development, manufacturing, and application of new materials
      Core Values /
    • Fine Management / Team Spirit
    • Technological Innovation / Quality First
    • Respecting Nature / Sustainable Development
    • Respect Customers / Unique Values