• Competitive Edge
  • Brand Building
      Dongyi is a high-tech private enterprise in China, committed to developing national industry and making outstanding contributions to the development of the national advanced materials industry. It has a more solid national foundation and is conducive to building a national brand.
  • R&D Innovation
      Dongyi has introduced advanced production and testing equipment, focused on scientific research, and achieved international leading product quality with high cost-effectiveness. It has received unanimous praise from customers and continuously increased market share.
  • Solution
      Dongyi provides customers with a one-stop technical service, with professional technical customer service personnel following up on customer technical needs in real time, providing technical solutions, helping customers solve technical problems, and developing together with customers.
  • Core Competence
    • Sales Network
    • Having a production base in South and East China and an accessible sales channel, as well as a national and even global market
    • R&D Innovation
    • Having multiple adhesive development capabilities, increasing product development capabilities, and timely matching various customer needs
    • Numerous well-known customers
    • Have the core products with the acrylic boonding sheet and forming strategic partnerships with numerous well-known customers in the industry
    • Comprehensive management system
    • Fully implement the IATF16949 automotive quality management system, ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and QC080000 hazardous substance management system, focus on product quality and sustainable environmental development
    • Personalized technology solutions
    • With flexible marketing strategies and a skilled customer service team,  providing personalized technical solutions to our customers
    • Professional customer service team
    • Achieved High Customer Satisfaction with tailored solutions